Which back system is best for which activity? What’s the difference between synthetic and down sleeping bags? What features should a ski touring pack have? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in our Outdoor eLearning category.

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Futura & Futura Pro

Learn all about deuter’s most popular backpack series with the Aircomfort back system.

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Futura Air Trek

It used to be called the Futura Vario but it’s now called the Futura Air Trek. Find out all about the trekking pack with a mesh back.

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AC Lite

It might be pared down to the essentials but there’s plenty to learn about the AC Lite. Find out in this module.

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Freescape Lite

Find out how the ski touring backpack Freescape Lite differs from other day packs, in terms of weight and functionality, in this e-learning.

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Freescape Pro

Which features are most important for ambitious ski touring enthusiasts, on multi-day routes? You’ll find the answer in the e-learning about the new Freescape Pro.

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The latest Rise model has been updated with practical functionality that’s focused on snowshoe touring. Find out more in this module!

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Gravity Expedition

When designing an expedition backpack, it’s all about striking the balance between low weight and optimized capacity. Find out more about our Gravity Expedition.

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Gravity Motion

A hybrid between a duffel bag and backpack for sport climbers and boulderers. This module takes you through all the clever stow options the Gravity Motion has for climbing gear.

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Gravity Wall Bag

The Wall Bag is a haul bag/backpack combo with a comfortable back system for ambitious climbers on multi-pitch routes. Find out how in this module.

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Gravity Pitch

The Gravity Pitch is also for alpinists on multi-pitch routes. Find out about how it’s designed to be used and all its features in this module.

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Astro & Astro SQ

There’s more to learn about down sleeping bags than almost any other outdoor product. Find out how the Astro series is made and what features make it so special.

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Astro Pro

Getting a good night’s sleep is possible, even in the most inhospitable places. Find out how, in this module.

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Kid Comfort Pro

The KC Pro is packed with incredible features and this module takes you through them all.

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